Greylinks Technologies Ltd. Is renewable energy company in Nigeria, providing clean, affordable and uninterrupted smart energy solutions. Over the years, we have built our reputation by providing quality alternative energy solutions to the Nigerian community with exceptional client satisfaction. Our services focus on solar, voice communication, security, connectivity, safety, and training. With our broad portfolio, expertise and experience of many years we are better positioned and confident to provide the best solutions and do so using the best and latest technologies that will meet your exact need, cut cost and ensure your satisfaction.


We are a team of indegenous experts and professionals driven by a common passion and pursuing a single goal, to render the best services to our clients and make Greylinks Technologies a household name in the solar and renewable energy in Nigeria and beyond


We focus on solar, voice communication, security, connectivity, safety and trainings


We listen to our clients, understand their needs, advice where and when necessary, we create/design, implement, test and deliver. And we do these using the best technologies


As a team of experts and professionals we know exactly what you need, and are not intimidated by the complexity or otherwise of the solution needed, we deliver and on time. We give you nothing but the best. We are continually researching on the latest trends and technologies, therefore the technologies we adopt in delivering our services are up-to-date.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

just like our slogan “with greylinks you can trust your world with constant power”, Our Mission is to Consistently generate RELIABLE POWER in line with international best practices, driven by innovation and excellence. Our fundamental mission is to improve lives by providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions in every market we serve.

We aim to make the greatest possible global impact in addressing the environmental issues associated with energy use. The desire to make a global impact is thus seen in the Vision of our company. And the pathway to achieving that vision – by working with the biggest energy users in the world to fundamentally change the way they use energy more profitably – is captured in our Mission.